Have some Questions?

The enrollment process has two parts: (1) The initial enrollment through St. Joseph Primary Care, and (2) the final enrollment through the State website – CVMS

  1. PART I:  through St. Joseph Primary Care
  2. Submit your enrollment application through this website, operated by St. Joseph Primary Care.
  3. St. Joseph Primary Care (we) will register you with the State’s Covid-19 Vaccine Management System (CVMS).
  5. Once we registered you with CVMS, you will get an email notification from the State’s CVMS.
  6. CVMS automatically generated an account for you by creating an username based on your email address.
  7. You now have an ‘incomplete’ account (username only) with CVMS.  You do not have access to the website yet, until you create a password.
  8. Follow the instruction of the email that you received from the State’s CVMS, you need to create a new password.
  9. With your username & password, you now ‘completely’ have full access to your CVMS (recipient portal).
  10. To complete the enrollment process, you need to login your CVMS portal, and complete the HEALTH QUESTIONAIRES.
  11.  Once you completed the health questionnaires, you’re now officially enrolled with the State’s CVMS.
  12. Once we have the vaccine available, on a weekly basis, and it’s your turn, based on the State’s prioritization, we will set an appointment for you to get vaccinated.
  13. We will inform you via either email or telephone.  It’s your turn to get vaccinated.
  14. We will let you know date, time, and location to get vaccinated.
  15. Please come on time for your appointment, bring your ID, proof of your appointment, follow the instruction to park your car, and STAY IN YOUR CAR.
  16. To proof your appointment time, please log into your CVMS, and print out the appointment time, and show it to staff.
  17. Please note: IMPORTANT: Please do not enroll/register multiple times, the CVMS will not allow and it will trigger a flag to slow your process.
  18. Please note:  as of Jan. 27, 2020, wherever you get your first dose, it’s where you will get your second dose as well.
  19. Please note:  as of Jan. 27, 2020, the vaccination process changes quickly and unpredictable.  We don’t have any control over that.  Thus, when we have the vaccine, we have less than a week to administer.  We may or may not be able to accommodate your request, in term of changing your appointment.
  20. Please be patient as we try our best to serve you.

Your information is secured and protected. We do not sell or share with anyone for any purpose, other than obtaining this information, we can enroll you with the State’s COVID19 Vaccine Management System (CVMS).

Upon the enrollment, within 24 hours, you will receive an email notification from CVMS. Please read the email carefully as it gives you an instruction on how you can completed the enrollment process.

Due to a high demand of the vaccine, within 24 hrs., after your submission, we will register you with the State’s CVMS.  Then, you’ll receive an email notification from nccvms@dhhs.nc.gov      NOTE:  The email notification has an instruction on how to access the CVMS. You must complete the enrollment by answering a few health questionnaires. Once you completed, you have a spot.  When it’s your turn and when the vaccine available to us, on a weekly basis, we will notify you where you come to either at St. Joseph Primary Care clinic in Raleigh or in Clayton or one of the satellite location.  We will let you know.  Please do not call us.

Our phone number is (919) 386-6866.  If you’re our patient or looking for a medical home, primary care, then please call us.  We are accepting new patient.  In fact, as a direct primary care provider, we do not accept health insurance.  We offer a subscription/membership care program where you pay an annual fee, starting at $750 a year.  The Membership Care Program allows you to have unlimited office visits, flexible and extended appointments, discounted rate on lab and medications.  Our medical team has over 20 years of experience.  Read Dr. Trinh’s profile.

St. Joseph Primary Care is the State’s official COVID-19 vaccine provider.  Only the official vaccine provider can enroll you to CVMS.  Basically, you cannot enroll directly to CVMS.

CVMS is a cloud-based system and where you can track your vaccine record.  It’s a website, operated and and maintained by the The NC Department of Health and Human Services.